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At this stage DA-14 is primarily targeted at MEAN stack and our solid expertise in JavaScript allows us to create cuspy software on time.

DA-14 is equally focused on clients’ business needs and technical aspects of each successive project.

With MEAN Stack we develop relevant technology plans, build flexible web applications, and provide our clients with competitive edge in the market.

We collaborate with startups and mid-sized companies, applying technical skills to guide them throughout all the stages of software development cycle.

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You understand that you need to apply IT solutions, but do not specifically know where and what you can apply?

Then leave a request and we will contact you to conduct an audit and tell you what and how you can implement it in your company

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Our core belief is that technology defines project success and we are committed to delivering best solution for each customer. We leverage our knowledge, experience and ideas to build our processes around quality driven development. Our team is eager to learn, so we keep staying on the cutting edge of newest and most effective technology trends.


We’ve been working with startups that are funded out of pocket or supported by VC funds right out of the gate. With first-hand experience and dozens of success stories we understand the processes, role of appropriate MVP in the development cycle, importance of early communication with end users, and provide our clients with flexible models to cover that.


We trust in long-standing partnership with our clients and make our communication transparent, reliable and honest. Every project is different and requires unique approach, that’s why we treat every project as our own, focusing on best solutions and ensuring highest quality to every client. Our company counts on people, collaboration, interaction, and common future goals.

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Our custom software development company

We are a DA-14 company providing custom software development services, and we are one of the best partners in JavaScript development.

Our team is constantly developing and is at the leading positions of effective technologies. Our projects are built using JavaScript (Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, React Native).We choose an individual approach and find the best solutions for each of our clients, performing our work at the highest level. In our case there are dozens of successful projects for companies around the world.

Our custom software development company works with startups, creating products for iOS and Android.

We provide uninterrupted project support and advice throughout the cooperation period.

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The custom software development company DA-14

Custom-developed software benefits any type of business. It has a positive impact on company progress because it converts interesting ideas and concepts into digital products that meet users’ needs and requirements. Our firm makes a specialty out of customized software development that brings your professional sphere of activities competitive advantage.  We can also recommend our partners Custom enterprise application development company - IT Dev Group.

Stages of custom software development

The well-thought developing custom software process has six main stages. It is an algorithm that is followed step by step. Our dedicated team is ready to pour out the full cycle of custom software product development. Each phase requires focused attention:

  • 1
    Planning – the project should be well-staged. Our experts take into consideration clients’ demands and expectations to create qualitative software. When the plan is ready, it is time to go to the next step.
  • 2
    Analysis – we investigate the matter of a planned website or application. The comprehensive analytical research helps to create the optimal rough project.
  • 3
    Design – this stage is notable with custom web software architecture formation. Having worked on the structure design, webmasters build the skeleton of the digital product.
  • 4
    Development – the practical part of the whole process. Project implementation takes place in this phase as well. The finishing point of this stage is the first site functioning check analysis.
  • 5
    Testing – after the pilot check of the functional set that shows the results of the development process it is important to run extensive testing. If some errors are detected, they should be eliminated on this stage.
  • 6
    Maintenance – this process is a must to see the website performance rate and fix the result of completed custom software application development.

It is worth noting that any phase should not be missed. This is the overall process that requires a phased approach. If everything is done correctly, this ready-done project can bring a range of advantages.

Benefits of custom-made software

First of all, you get tailor-made programs and apps that contribute to your business. This is the most risk-free investment for your entrepreneurship. You hire a team of web developers who can listen to your requirements and meet your specific goals. Most custom software application development services entail the creation of digital products from scratch. It means that you are going to come up with a one-of-a-kind project for your professional growth.

Additionally, you can count on the improved database management with off-the-shelf software design. The system based on innovative solutions and developed according to clients’ needs shows a higher level of data security, scalability, and loading rate. To sum up, there are numerous positive points of the custom-made program support to take into consideration. Boost your enterprise through custom-oriented solutions.

Why DA-14?

We are a leading custom software development company in the USA. Our experts perform professional approaches to any task. We follow the cycle of custom-made app and site designing. The supplementary bonus to the high-grade quality of services will be affordable prices.

The cost of custom software development is reasonable – the work of our experienced engineers is worth it for sure. We aim to help representatives of small and medium businesses, corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs to gain maximal profit. Contact us to get detailed information on our technical opportunities. Our firm can become your reliable problem-solver!

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