Country: USA

Type: Mobile Marketplace App

Industry: Retail

Business Challenge: Our customer needed to build a mobile alternative to popular “Free & For Sale” groups designed directly for college students. Flypd is built to connect university students, save time on search of necessary things and make buying-selling safe and easy.

DA-14 Solution: Flypd is a socially-driven mobile marketplace solution for college students that facilitates buying and selling with others on-campus. Flypd provides unique peer-to-peer experience with fully-integrated payment processing, comprehensive user reviews and structured product timelines.

Flypd marketing app

Core features and benefits:

  • Ability to create professional listings in a couple of taps;
  • Well-organized category feeds with convenient navigation system;

Flypd professional listings and categories

  • Built-in payment system allows to pay and get paid on a button click; (Stripe)
  • Extensive user reviews and ratings ensure confidence and safety;

Flypd marketplace app listing

  • Request feed saves time on search and enables communication among users.

Flypd chat



Project Scope:

  • Back-end Application Development (Laravel)

Contract Type: Fixed Price

Duration: 6+ month


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