Country: USA

Type: Social Media & Marketplace Application

Industry: Entertainment / Retail

Business Challenge:

The company approached DA-14 with an idea to create a unique social solution for comic fans and cosplayers.  For this project we’ve selected most recent technologies, such as Angular 2, Angular Universal and some others.

The very first challenge that got in the way of our team was the role of early adopters, due to immaturity of selected tools and lack of documentation. We've started with MVP and at that time it was built with Angular 2.0 beta version.  Alongside with the Angular 2 and Angular Universal releases our team refactored the code regularly to keep the application relevant and on-the-go. 

DA-14 Solution:

Cosmunity is a combination of social, media, transactional, and event management application for every fan of comics, cosplay, gaming and anime. Users can interact socially: connect with fandoms from all over the globe, share and discuss content, participate in events and create their own ones, sell and buy various products and services. 

Cosmunity marketplace application

Core features and benefits:

  • Integrated Paypal payment system for quick online purchases of billable items;

Cosmunity marketplace with PayPal integration

  • Convenient shipping with notification system and ability to track delivery status and expected delivery time (AfterShip);

Cosmunity marketplace shipping option

  • Rich media sharing to social networks increases audience engagement and makes it easier to acquire information;

Cosmunity rich media sharing

  • Prompt and intuitive social snippets posts to share photos and videos with followers, collect likes and comments;

Cosmunity snippets posts

  • Easy and convenient option of discovering thematic events, meeting new peers and expanding your network;

Cosmunity thematic events list

Cosmunity application events view

  • Safe and handy method to sell and buy themed products and services in one place;

Cosmunity marketplace application

  • Integration with Google Analytics provides means for regular key metrics reviews, real-time data tracing, analyze auto-generated insights, etc;
  • Push notifications keep users in the loop, increasing their engagement and retention rate.

Cosmunity application notifications


Cosmunity technology stack

Project Scope:

  • Front-end Application Development
  • Back-end Application Development
  • QA & Manual Testing
  • Project Management

Contract Type: Fixed Price, Time-and-Materials

Duration: 4+ months 

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