Web app development Services

Today’s organizations are undergoing fundamental changes, caused by variable customer preferences, the vigorous rise of innovative digital technologies, and changing business models. Business owners see IT as a game-changer and to stay on the cutting edge of current dynamic environment IT teams have to coincidently work on the new and the old. They need to stay proactive, break new ground, advance and integrate their solutions to obtain better business results.

DA-14 is a custom app development company that provides multiple capabilities to supplement and hasten your development efforts. Our approach allows clients to focus on their business, establish the processes, consolidate IT and thus obtain inimitable speed, efficiency, agility, and productivity.

The most common reasons why IT executives call on DA-14, a JavaScript software development company, are:

  • The thrust of competition from innovative startups or non-traditional market players
  • Long development and rollout of new solutions and features
  • Lack of technical skills within their teams

DA-14 Offerings

Agile Application Development and Maintenance: DA-14 team helps organizations create secure and scalable software with speed and quality, using trusted to innovation-led technologies to enhance user experience and boost business outcomes. Our service package includes prototyping and design, architecture, app development, software quality assurance, deployment, maintenance and support throughout the overall lifecycle. 

Application Management Services ensure an integrated approach to address and balance current IT and business requirements. We help companies define the most effective strategy for app engineering, improve visibility and predictability, eliminate app debt, automate processes, meet the deadline, and optimize cost.

DA-14 Architecture Services can help companies plan and create the underlying tech architecture to maximize versatility and performance during custom software production and integration of divers systems. We assist clients with the implementation of more flexible and predictable systems at less cost, enhancement of quality and time-to-market for new products, and augmentation of testing efficiency.

With Quality Engineering & Testing services we ensure better experiences, reduced risks, and prompt responses. DA-14 offers a comprehensive suite of quality assurance services available for multiple digital technologies, industries and application types delivered under versatile business arrangements.  

Application Modernization: We support you throughout the transformation journey of your legacy applications by applying smart automation, accumulated skills, and proven methodology. With future-proof software companies gain more out of their current IT systems over time while cutting down the expenses and malfunction rates.

Our approach to Application Security allows you to focus on the needs of the business, while we take care of your reputation and customer trust. Through the use of robust security tools, we monitor mature web applications and help our clients with threat recognition, vulnerability management, and risk reduction. 


  • Communications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Information Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality

The DA-14 difference

Custom operating framework – Ever since its founding, DA-14 has collaborated with startups and small companies only. Throughout this time we’ve defined a custom workflow for the impactful and effective partnership to reduce costs and increase agility and predictability.

Comprehensive service package – Our services cover the full cycle of application engineering flow, starting from design and development of requirements to product maintenance and further business governance. We make sure that our offers are robust, maintainable, and secure.

Domain knowledge – We use solid industry expertise and technical knowledge to create game-changing solutions and deliver real value to our clients and partners. With this approach, we help organizations stay on the cutting edge and efficiently manage their application portfolios.

Investment in people – We believe that support for continuous learning is the best investment, that’s why DA-14 team takes part in JavaScript conferences, contributes to the open source, holds internal hackathons, and grows a corporate tech community.

Focus on the result – The core idea behind the DA-14 team is balancing technology and business needs. Throughout the overall project lifecycle, we focus on the organization and experience to provide measurable results.