Software Engineering

Your organization grows fast - together with the number of tasks and responsibilities. You need to focus on high-level decisions and maintain your competitive profile. DA-14 Corp provides custom software development services to growing companies set for improvement in business processes, project coverage, and quality solutions engineering.  

We're your JavaScript software engineering partner who are ready to take the lead on your project implementation and guide you through the overall development flow to successful release. We offer vetted project management support and cooperation throughout the whole process to ensure transparency, simplicity in the relationship, and real value that exceeds the cost.

Our DA-14 team has built web applications for a wide range of business domains including retail, education, finance, logistics, administration, and healthcare. We meet your business needs with the following software engineering services:




We provide software prototyping, UX and UI designing for web and mobile solutions. Our UI experts work closely with software engineers, because great design means combining aesthetics and functionality. We know how to design a product that excites the user and contributes to your business success.

Our DevOps engineers have strong expertise working with various cloud hosting providers from setup through automation to maintenance. We provide IT infrastructure management services to improve security, ensure stable processes, and guarantee continuous delivery.




DA-14 Corp works exclusively with JavaScript frameworks and currently it is one of the top software engineering companies in Ukraine (according to Clutch rating). We use the best JavaScript development tools for front-end (Angular, React.js, Vue.js) and back-end (Node.js) parts to create smart products.

Our professional project managers keep clients involved in the app development process on a daily basis. With regular checkpoints, we ensure better transparency throughout the flow to avoid risks of misconception and nullify gaps between expectations and delivery. The result is - your product is delivered on time.




The DA-14 quality control team employs manual and automated testing to guarantee your software product is reliable and secure. We make sure that your customers get seamless experience using quality digital apps.

Product release is just the starting point of any software development cycle, since your requirements list grows together with your company. It’s important to have an experienced IT partner like DA-14 Outstaffing company to ensure adequate guidance and technical supervision.

What we offer:


Having six years of experience in the software engineering field, we’ve elaborated on our own development methodology to help clients build valuable solutions. We turn project managers into constant communicators to preserve and spread their solution concept throughout the development flow.

With JS frameworks being our key area, DA-14 JavaScript software engineers bring strong expertise and necessary confidence to the project. Our project managers ensure careful planning to guide teams and clients through the workflow to successful results.

DA-14 culture is all about transparency both within the team and while working with clients. We want our clients to know what they receive, and that’s why we adapt proven approaches to our needs (test-driven development (TDD), feature driven development (FDD), pair programming, extreme programming, lean product development, etc.).

Our team provides daily updates, weekly detailed reports, demos and sync-ups, and uses reliable task management software (Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday, etc.). Besides that, we employ the technologies in which we are experts, ensuring full control over the development process.


Our team focuses on the solution, but not another application, as we consider core functionality, business goals, and users’ expectations. What problems does your product solve? What is it made for? How do you differ from others? We create a clear vision to come up with effective decisions based on the findings and our tech expertise.

We don’t just write code. We match up your business vision with our knowledge and technologies to create a great asset.

Lifelong learning is the foundation of DA-14's culture. Our team contributes to the JavaScript community in different ways, including but not limited to conferences, workshops, meetups, forums, open source, and articles for corporate and external websites.

We’re working on the internal solution for HR managers and PMs, as well as encouraging our software engineers to create their own products to get a better business understanding and contribute to the general software ecosystem.

How we work: