MEAN stack

MEAN is a stable set of JavaScript frameworks that includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js. Behind each technology stands a serious company (Google, IBM, etc.), while MEAN components are often applied by large corporations for in-house development. One of the latest examples is NASA usage of Node.js “to build the present and future systems supporting spaceship operations and development” – according to the recent tweet of Collin Estes, Director of Software Engineering, MRI Technologies / NASA.

Node.js is widely integrated into cloud platforms like AWS, Heroku, Azure, IBM Bluemix, just to name a few. Such approach makes complex web development more convenient, keeping development time and costs low.   

MEAN stack is used for building scalable, functional and agile applications promptly and efficiently. It is often applied for updating existing websites, making them more dynamic, productive and productive.  Each technology contributes its unique features to the whole set delivering a particularly powerful tool.

At DA-14 we use hands-on experience and vast JavaScript knowledge to develop relevant technology plans, streamline the development cycle, build flexible web applications, and provide our clients with competitive edge in the market.

MEAN stack is a versatile tool that enables computing for both abstraction layer and low level protocols (HTTP/HTTPS, WS/WSS (for sockets), AMQP (for queues) and etc.). This, in turn, can speed up the development process, enable fine tuning and customization, and ensure accurate work in terms of security and performance. We take care of clients' information security, working with up-to-date authentication methods (OAuth/OAuth 2.0, Passport.js, OpenID, etc), following modern approaches to data safety and data encryption techniques.

Why do we choose MEAN Stack Development?

  • It enables quick application development with prompt real-time editing
  • Keeps web applications structured
  • Supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) software design pattern
  • Includes functional suite of testing tools
  • Comprises rich Node.js module library and implements JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for data parsing
  • Combines the advantages of 4 highly performing technologies, namely MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js
  • All MEAN components are open-source, free, flexible and regularly updated
  • MEAN is unilingual: JavaScript for both back-end and front-end tasks

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