5 Best Practices for Developing an Online Booking Ticket System

Online booking software can bring your business to the 21st century, while combination of up-to-date technologies with well-established quality service can be employed as a trump card for your startup. Today's travelers prefer to search, choose and book tickets/tours/service online, from the comfort of their bedrooms. Such approach makes life much easier and offers more time for reading reviews, browsing overviews, comparing prices, and so on.

Nowadays, if you have access to the Internet and credit card at hand, you can finalize your plans within a few minutes. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute every year people spend at the average $148 million on travel bookings online. About 57% of travel reservations are made over the web, while 65% of customers use smartphones to reserve hotels, tours, etc. At the same time, according to Frederic Gonzalo research mobile booking for travel sector has grown by 1700% during the period from 2011 to 2015 (from 1% up to 18%).

5 reasons to make a custom online ticket booking software:

  • Twenty-four seven availability

The majority of customers prefer to surf the Internet outside of working hours and they don't want to wait until you come in to work and make a reservation for them. They'd prefer to make a booking whenever it fits into their own schedule. Use of online booking platform implies that your business is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Get paid faster

With booking software you can ask clients to prepay for rentals and activities. Automatic payment platform is an essential part of a fully comprehensive business. Thereafter your customers get a safe and easy way to select, book and pay for your offerings. In the meantime, you get more confidence and less amount of manual workload.

  • Less communications traffic

With custom booking software all the reservations and necessary information are easily accessible online and, hereby, you don't need to worry about missed calls or play telephone tag with your customers.

  • Excellent customer service

Don't confuse booking platform with a contact form. Contact form doesn't inform customers of your availability, as well as it doesn't allow to book or pay for services directly. Proper online ticket booking system covers both tasks and so provides good service.

  • Valuable insights & analytics

Use of analytical findings is an essential part of any business strategy and using this data can help to grow business both for startup founders and owners of larger companies. With comprehensive analytical tools you can quickly define most popular timeslots, sellers, seasons, directions, and even much more. Take advantage: create targeted offerings, customize your ads, design special banners, and therefore sharpen your business.

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Develop a Booking Ticket System

How to develop an online booking ticket platform?

Online ticket systems are growing in popularity quickly, both in terms of engagement and functionality. We have our laptops and smartphones with us around the clock and can surf the Internet anytime and anywhere. Usability of booking apps contributes to the overall enhancement of user experience, removing obstacles and affording chances.

So how to develop a web based ticketing software? How much will ticket software development cost? Based on our own experience, we've determined thetop 5 best practices for creating a successful and applicative booking solution:

  • Conduct an initial research

Interviews and surveys are among the most effective approaches. Talk to your target audience: meet with people of different age groups and sufficiency levels (business owners, managers, interns, etc.). Discover which apps they choose for reservations, what features they like most and what they'd like to add. Analyze your competitors.

  • Set the original requirements

Equipped with knowledge about prospective users, it is high time you created a product vision that would help customers to achieve the objectives. Create lists of core requirements and visualize them, wireframes will make dialogue with stakeholders meaningful and effective. Don't try to create an all-in-one solution, keep things simple.

  • Minimal viable product (MVP)

Don't waste months on creation of something useless for your customers and, as a result, unbeneficial for your business. Introduce your product to the world as soon, as possible and learn from practical use. A bare minimum helps to validate your initial idea and ensure that there won't be an epic failure. Moreover such lean startup methodology can be employed to any company or project size.

  • Listen to user feedbacks

With MVP it is much easier to get comprehensive and helpful feedbacks and thereto you can start gathering usage data. With the first opportunity observe your product's performance in real world. If possible, meet your customers, get users' insights, and see how your tool is used.

  • Don't forget about marketing

Making a fuss before actual launch is an important preapproach to get an overwhelming response during product launch. Most of the companies fail to carry out their marketing plan efficiently, while it is recommended to start a marketing strategy in advance, in 2-3 weeks prior to the official launch.  

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Build a Booking App

These tips can help to create a cloud based ticket booking system, though each case is different and they can't be applied as a universal remedy. Choosing features that are essential not just for you but also for your customers is the next stage of the production cycle.

Must-have features for your online booking system:

  • Convenient navigation and reservation

Ease of use is a “must”, when it comes to booking web applications. It is needless to say that when a user wants to make a reservation, your app should be as intelligible as possible, so that not to waste time. For better convenience your app can also include a geolocation option.

  • User's personal profile

Separate account page provides access to reservation history and enables custom settings, like currency, language, etc. Beyond that user page is a great place for marketing: it allows you to gather statistics, send newsletters about upcoming events or best deals, offer loyalty system and many others. To simplify the signup process the majority of companies use social media login, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others.

  • Online payment gateway

These days online payment is a preferred method used across the globe. It is a safe and convenient way to book rooms, tickets, services, and tours directly through an application or website. A reservation system that offers a secure payment portal will improve your business performance and minimize no shows. We've already shared our experience with Stripe integration, but we also used Braintree, Telr Payment and some more.

  • Tuned autoreplies   

Currently automatic emails are seen as additional and mainly useful tool for business owners in various fields. Consumers except to receive confirmation emails once they've booked a tour or a room. E-tickets are very common nowadays. Email reminders, feedback requests or traveling tips are just a few examples how companies improve communication with clients using modern technologies.

  • Comfy extras

In today's competitive market companies tend to invent something new to attract audience and grow their business. They hire experienced developers to build an online booking ticket system but each time they try to cover more and more options, including handy add-ons. For instance, flight booking ticket systems can support hotel reservation services. While some hotel booking apps enable car rent function. After booking a tour customers receive convenient “where to go” notes just on their mobile phones. Such extras can make your solution multifunctional and usable.    

Final thoughts

Software development is a dynamic field and to become a strong player it is important to constantly analyze the market and watch for innovations. Keep track of tendencies and trends, track your competitors, work on your product and improve it – such approach will help you to stand out of the pack. DA-14 can become a reliable partner in any venture you think of. Drop us a line and we'll be glad to discuss your idea. 
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