To Develop a Web App: How Long & How Much?

These days web application development plays an essential role while building a strategy for startups. The majority of businesses are already online or halfway to it, so those who can innovate and make the calls quickly will gain a competitive advantage.

Custom software development is a complex area and requires deep expertise in a variety of fields like security, programming, marketing, finance, design and even law. Most small businesses cannot afford to recruit experts with a necessary set of skills in every area, that's why the majority of startups turn to freelancers, subcontractors, one stop service providers (outsourcing), etc.

According to Forrester recent survey 82% IT and business decision-makers choose custom app development originally for these 3 reasons:

  • Packaged software doesn't cover all their business needs;
  • Custom products create competitive differentiation;
  • Custom-designed software drives innovation.

How much does it cost to develop an appTo reach out to a larger number of potential customers and win their attention companies typically outsource the following types of applications:

  • eCommerce – 50%
  • Business-to-consumer mobile apps – 48%
  • Digital marketing platforms – 46%
  • Line-of-business-specific applications – 41%
  • Digital content management – 39%
  • Sales/CRM platforms – 28%
  • Side-by-side enterprise selling – 25%
  • Smart products that include embedded software – 24%

How much does it cost to develop an application?

The cost of web app development can vary widely depending on two core factors: service provider and project complexity. Talking about service providers it is important to consider location, because US companies tend to overcharge, while companies in Eastern Europe offer loyal prices showing quality results. To make it easier to estimate a job scope, total cost and timeframes projects are divided into four categories:

  • Basic products (simpler apps with a few interactive elements, landing pages, online brochures, plain catalogs/shops) can take around a month and cost up to $15k.
  • Professional projects (ecommerce portals, complex interactive websites, prototypes with larger projects in mind, online delivery services, etc.) can last for 2-3 months and the cost will vary from $15k up to $60k.
  • Corporate software (larger retail websites, corporate portals with custom CMS, internal web apps to be used by up to 200 employees, MVP for web or mobile app, high-capacity online portals, etc.) can be developed within 4-6 months and result in $50-200k invoice.
  • Enterprise web apps (top of the line websites for large corporations, high-performance software add-ons, complex MVP platforms, etc.) can take more than 6 months and cost up to $500k. 

How much time does it take to develop an appStill there are some large-scale projects that can cost $500k and beyond, like product platforms, corporate-wide software solutions for mid- and large-sized companies and so on. Besides of that, there are a number of factors that can impact on project price as well. To build your custom application more cost-effectively follow these simple rules:

  • Write clear and detailed specification
  • Invest in framework or template (reduces the amount of code and makes it cleaner, promotes code reusage, makes apps well-structured, etc.)
  • Don't put off the launch for too long
  • Integrate before building from scratch

Choosing a service provider don't look for the cheapest offer and don't buy into promises to finish your project in a week. Look for companies with good credits, successful case studies, good feedbacks and, most crucially, true understanding of your needs. Ready to implement your idea? – Get in touch with us right now!
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