How Will Angular 4 Change App Development?

Come on the heels of Angular 2 release, back in September 2016, Angular community has recently given a little insight into upcoming releases and scheduled features. Although AngularJS 2 was a crucial rewrite that took two long years of waiting, from here on out Google promised predictable release time schedule with new versions twice a year.

In contrast to Angular2, Angular.js 4 isn't a re-write. In this version developers concentrated on enhanced tooling and generated code reduction. Angular 4 will come with a built-in compiler to report on template errors right in an IDE. Moreover, through advanced compilation and enhancing in the framework performance new Angular release will generate 25% less code. The update is due in March 2017, while Angular 3 version is skipped according to Semantic Versioning (SemVer) best practices. 

In the meanwhile there is no information if any features are going to be excluded or not, but if there are any — Angular team promises to support them for 2 major release cycles. 
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