DA-14 Team Took Part in OdessaJS Conference

Despite the fact that summer is a holiday season, DA-14 team not just deeply involves in various projects, masters new technologies, but also eagerly shares knowledge with others.

Last weekend our JavaScript developers spent in Odessa where they spoke at a conference for front-end developers. We made reports on different topics and want to share the brief outlines with you.

Our first presentation was focused on security in Node.js applications, as well as most frequent vulnerabilities and reasons for insecure code. We started with main security holes in NodeJS apps:

  • Weak authentication process
  • Poor error handling
  • Poor request validation
  • Insecure dependencies
  • Open source itself

After that, we discussed security tools, modules, and validation methods that solve the issues and contribute to the project. During the conference, DA-14 back-end developer, Roman, shared useful insights on how to protect your applications and learn from vulnerabilities. The presentation contained examples from his own practice, as well as those issues and duck tapes that we had to implement within our projects.


On the next day, our team offered the audience to dive into server-side rendering for Angular apps. Using one of the recent case studies we analyzed the potential benefits of server-side rendering (SSR) for JavaScript projects. We went into details with Angular Universal, issues faced within the project and integration with 3rd party components and plugins.

While the second part of the report was devoted to our hands-on experience of app migration from Angular 2 to Angular 4. DA-14 senior software developer, Artem, highlighted the main issues and bottlenecks that Angular developers can face with during the migration. He also provided advice on the use of UniversalModule for client- and server-side rendering, work with meta-tags in Angular 4, and SSR with Angular Express Engine.

Our last talk was devoted to UI/UX technologies of the future. DA-14 front-end developer, Anton, delivered a speech on Angular 4 Animate, illustrated by his own project. He offered insights into animation optimization and performance, the way how Angular animation system works and how we should check it for flexibility. Anton moved beyond the standard solutions and devoted the second part of his speech to custom animations and useful tricks on how they should be created.

All the topics were well-covered and our speakers had quick questions from the audience. We are going to make a series of blog posts on our keynotes, so be sure to check with our website more often.

Our team loves to communicate with the audience, so email us with your questions, comments, and suggestions. 

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