DA-14 Receives New Client Reviews on Clutch and TopAgency for Custom Software and Mobile App Development

We'd like to take a moment to share new recommendations we have received from our clients in the EU and USA. We're pleased to hear about the high level of satisfaction and willingness to continue our strong collaborative relationship. Here at DA-14 Custom Software Development USA, we are dedicated towards a high level of quality and proud to announce that we continue to conform to it. Though, we've picked out a few new ways how we can go on improving our service and delivering better results.  

DA-14 maintains a nearly flawless clients' satisfaction score of 4.9/5 and holds the top spots on B2B rating platforms, such as Clutch.co and TopAgency.co. As a service business, we take pride in our customers and their projects. Our most recent projects were for clients from Paris, France and New York, USA. One of them was devoted to mobile app development using React Native and another one consisted of building front-end part for a complex web app application with Angular 4.


Creating web and mobile applications together with our clients is our core focus, although we devote much attention to customer communications, their awareness of the workflow, and positive end-user experience. And thus we are pleased to share latest feedbacks from the clients' references:

"I've appreciated their follow-up and responsiveness to all the change requests.  They adapt well and expedite work with no problems. We're constantly improving designs, which would have been a problem with most companies, but DA-14 was well-organized."

“They came as a recommendation through other CTOs I know. I appreciate their flexibility in working with our needs and their ability to understand our concerns. The fact that they were able to work with us right from the onset was impressive. Before we started development, we had an hour-long conversation with DA-14 where they dove into everything we wanted—the skill set, the type of person, and everything else. Initially, they spent a lot of time making sure we had the right person, but other development shops will just throw you the first open developer they have on staff.”

We'd like to thank our clients who have set aside some time to communicate with the Clutch team and to give their feedbacks. We also want to thank you for choosing us as development partners. You are welcome to check other reviews or leave the new one on Clutch, TopAgency, and GoodFirms. We can't wait to hear more reviews from our customers as much, as we are excited about the on-coming projects.    

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