Boost Your REST API Development with LoopBack-PostgreSQL Generator

Building RESTful API shouldn't be time-consuming and difficult, though it is. There are a few factors that can cause delays, like wrong technologies, understanding gaps, lack of communication, and much more. To facilitate the implementation process our team's created LoopBack-PostgreSQL generator, using current widely-adopted technologies and tools.

The npm package enables quick deployment of a new REST API project and obviates the need to worry about security, endpoints, and other parameters. LoopBack-PostgreSQL pack significantly reduces the development time and takes the pain of API scaffolding.

The yeoman package compiles:

  • Loopback – Node.js framework for fast and convenient method for building REST API;
  • Winston – universal and prompt logging library enables data storing in files and databases, coupled with data output to console;  
  • DB Migrations – package.json includes script for working with node- db-migrate;
  • .env – library for environment variables management;

The project also includes configurations for working with S3 component and mailing via SMTP.

LoopBack-PostgreSQL generator for quick API development

LoopBack-PostgreSQL generator benefits

LoopBack-PostgreSQL generator combines the advantages of both techniques and offers them in a convenient and simple way. LoopBack is renowned for rich toolkit, accurate security system, easiness of use, availability of performance stats, and much more. While Postgre is an extensible, cross-platform database that easily deals with bulky environments, offers strong community support, saves staffing costs (by lowering configuring and maintenance requirements), ensures stable and reliable performance, and so on.

Detailed installation guides can be found at npm Inc. and GitHub.

What is more, DA-14 contributes to LoopBack community on a regular basis and lately our team members borne away IBM LoopBack Developer and LoopBack Advocate badges. 
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