Mobile App Development

In the mobile-first world, development of a mobile application for business is not a luxury, but a necessity. If you want to tap mobile technology for your business and make it easily reachable for both web and mobile users, our team is at your service. Because DA-14 Corp is among a few extremely specialized React Native development companies in Ukraine, you can rely on us for new Android or iOS app development, existing mobile app improvement or migration, or consultation regarding the best JavaScript framework for mobile apps.

The DA-14 team provides cross-platform mobile app development services to startups and SMEs and helps them leverage all the benefits of JavaScript for mobile app development. We offer:




With over five years of experience working with startups we understand the real value of MVP for early-stage companies. At this point you need a technology partner who will show the initiative and take care of the idea implementation through coding. At this time you talk to investors, collect a user base, hold marketing campaigns, etc.

DA-14 Corp is a trusted partner for dozens of startups worldwide. We've provided MVP development services to different business domains including education, fintech, retail, and many others.

The number of mobile users worldwide has broken 4.5 billion and it keeps growing. You set out to enter the market and offer your solution to this huge audience. We can help you extend your presence to all the platforms building a unique mobile app that runs well on Android and iOS using one code base.

The use of React Native accelerates mobile app development for  both operating systems and allows you to build hybrid solutions that feel like they are native.




Are your applications optimized for cloud, scalable, and secure? Are they ready for blockchain or AI? Legacy app modernization services are the key to your digital success.

The DA-14 team has strong skills in microservices, serverless architecture, advanced DevOps, and agile methodologies to help you deliver excellent user experiences faster. We use proven methods to help organizations lower operating costs, add reliability, and increase app performance.

Custom software development company DA-14 takes over the responsibility for post-delivery maintenance and support of software solutions created for our clients. In this way, organizations can keep their app functional and up-to-date, while lowering ownership costs and focusing on their core business goals.  

Our technology support services give access to JavaScript software engineers with direct knowledge of clients' IT systems, increase app reliability, and ensure responsiveness.

How we work: