Country: USA

Type: Online Marketplace Solution

Industry: Food & Beverages

Business Challenge:Being a foodie our customer wanted to help others to discover tasty homemade food, socialize and become a part of local foodies' community, and order healthy and safe meals online on a button click. DA-14 developed a highload marketplace web application, a mix of social network and e-commerce website. This app allows individuals and restaurants to sell and buy dishes all over the US.

DA-14 Solution: Savorily is an online ordering service where chefs and foodies are able to buy, sell, cooperate and savor food. This web marketplace application enables users to find local meals cooked by chefs and amateurs in the neighborhood.

Savorily marketplace app

Core features and benefits:

  • Built-in payment system: most secured channel, no extra fees, all popular credit cards' types (Braintree);
  • Two payment options: by cash and online;

Savorily integrated payment system

  • Track your order with SMS/Email notifications; (Twilio)

Savorily notifications

  • Smart search system with rich sorting options and geolocation on tap: cuisines, dishes, chefs, deals, etc.;
  • Ability to sign in with Google+ or Facebook account;

Savorily login with social media

  • Option to find people, who've ordered within your area;
  • Full integration with popular social networks (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter);
  • Comprehensive reviews to create dynamic chefs/dishes' recommendations;
  • Two types of fully customizable user interfaces;

Savorily dishes

  • Advanced analytics: statistics, leaderboards, ratings, likes, bestsellers, etc.;

​​​​​​​Savorily chef profile



Project Scope:

  • Full Stack Web Development: Front-end Application Development & Back-end Development (Node.js)
  • QA & Manual Testing
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Project Management

Contract Type: Fixed Price

Duration: 7 months

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