Country: UK

Type: Online/Mobile Marketplace Application

Industry: Engineering/Construction

Business Challenge: DA-14 Software Development was offered to build an invoicing and calendar app to facilitate a job for independent tradespeople. The main goal was to develop a handy product for managing business processes and spend more time with customers.

DA-14 Solution: Fixington is an online booking app for tradespeople all over UK. The application is powered by calendar and integrated billing system that allow to manage the workload, create invoices and process payments.

Fixington online booking app

Core features and benefits:

  • Dynamic booking calendar with necessary tools at a glance: keeps you busy notifying customers about your availability; allows to track your charges and payments; provides with access to all customers’ details for every task you are working on;

Fixington booking calendar

  • Clear invoices that save your time and facilitate the payment process: invoices are created automatically for each job that is put into your calendar (Stripe); update requisites and save the details for future use just in a couple of taps; email invoices directly to customers right from your iPhone or iPad (Mandrill);

Fixington invoices

  • Automatic backup allows to work both online and offline: Fixington saves all your data automatically to a central server; ability to restore all the data even in case of loss/breakage/replacement of your phone; capability to create/browse/edit all your customers, invoices, jobs offline;
  • Simple reports help to keep track of your earnings: ability to monitor all your charges and payments right on your phone; record payments in a few taps and keep a check on those, who hasn’t paid yet; keep your job information and reports updated;

Fixington reports


Fixington technology stack

Project Scope:

  • Back-end and Front-end Application Development

  • QA & Manual Testing

Contract Type: Time-and-Materials

Duration: 1+ year

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