Country: Spain

Type: Monitoring Application

Industry: Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

Business Challenge: Fastprk by Worldsensing is a 24/7 Smart City application that collects relevant data about real-time occupancy and billing information of parking bays. This app contributes to the efficient management of municipal parking resources. Worldsensing is a market leader in innovative wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions and Smart City technologies.

DA-14 Solution: Fastprk is driven by a series of sensors embedded in parking spots. Sensors check parking lot’s occupancy and transmit information to the server. To ensure successful, uninterrupted and dependable performance, DA-14 developed monitoring application. This app helps consumers monitor "health" status of the parking sensors.

Fastprk monitoring web application

Core features and benefits:

  • Ability to work with several different networks

Fastprk network view

  • Detailed dashboards with graphs and status monitors

Fastprk dashboards and graphs

  • Clear “Device List” with detailed status information and sorting/filtering options
  • Map view for each network or device separately

Fastprk detailed device view

  • Facilitation of sensors’ maintenance


HTML/CSSGoogle Charts
Google MapsGrunt

Project Scope:

  • Front-end Application Development

Contract Type: Fixed Price

Duration: 7 months

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