Country: USA

Type: Data Management Platform

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

Business Challenge: The customer needed to enable simultaneous editing and instant collaboration, provide single integrated BoM for all item’s lifecycle stages and ensure integrated data across engineering disciplines. The project’s objective was to connect people engaged in product design, engineering and manufacturing in grid environment.

DA-14 Solution: openBoM is a cloud-based BoMs (bills-of-materials) management solution and data collaboration tool for engineers, supply chain managers, contract manufacturers and hardware startups.

OpenBoM data management platform

Core features and benefits:

  • Capability to keep tabs on BoM records and alterations;

OpenBoM records updates

  • Quick viewing of BoM revision history;

OpenBoM revision history

  • Smart BoM configuration with fully-customizable properties;

OpenBoM configuration and properties

  • Ability to share BoMs with manufacturers, suppliers and teams;

OpenBoM sharing

  • Real-time BoM editing with no geographical or organizational boundaries;

OpenBoM editing

  • Convenient export functionality in Excel, CSV or PDF;

OpenBoM export

  • Ability to track parts' usage within multiple BoMs with smart “Where Used” queries;

OpenBoM features

  • Integration with ECAD and MCAD tools enables import of BoMs and changes.

OpenBoM import option

Technologies: OpenBoM technology stack

Project Scope:

  • Front-end Application Development
  • Partial Back-end Development with NodeJS

Contract Type: Dedicated Development Team

Duration: 10+ months

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