Corey Mack, a co-founder and CEO of LAFORGE Optical, needed to build a pre-order website for augmented reality (AR) glasses. The DA-14 team took a proactive approach to selecting a technology stack and offering solutions that would optimally meet the client's business goals.


Client's Background

Based in LA, LAFORGE Optical has been designing and promoting prescription eyewear with an embedded “heads-up” display system since 2013. Fashionable smart glasses, created by the company, will sync up with a smartphone and let a wearer see notifications and real-time updates from social networks, mobile apps, online map services, etc. in the field of vision. Each pair will come with a microphone, aux jack, camera, and bluetooth.

In 2018, the company shipped its first prototype.


The challenge

Initially, the client wanted their website to be based on a CMS system offered by their friends. We tried the technology out and found it inconvenient in use and navigation, so DA-14 engineers advised PretaShop, an e-commerce CMS platform with abundant functionality. Being easy to install, use, and maintain, the solution required minimum investment in terms of time and money. The net result was that the client approved our option .


Augmented Reality (AR for short) integrates virtual objects with the natural environment and has huge market potential. As distinct from Virtual Reality (VR), AR doesn't replace the real world experience, but rather enhances it with graphics, video, text reports, and other digital content.

Up to 70% of consumers claim that they see the benefit of the everyday use of AR products. The technology offers a broad range of practical applications in various industries including the following:

  • education
  • fitness
  • healthcare
  • marketing
  • retail
  • tourism

By 2020, AR is expected to acquire 1 billion users, with revenue of AR glasses hitting  $19,7 billion.

Our Approach

Selecting a cost-effective tech stack

The client had several technical requirements such as the use of the particular web hosting and integrations with obligatory third-party services. We defined all the rest of the technology stack taking into consideration the following factors:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • scalability
  • compatibility with the necessary tools

Addressing 10-hour time difference

We assigned a project manager to track the development progress and keep the client informed on a daily basis. Twice a week, DA-14 held sync up calls with LAFORGE Optical so everyone could be on top of things. Between calls, the client received updates via e-mail. All these efforts helped us ensure clear communication and smooth workflow in spite of the 10-hour time difference between California and Ukraine.

The project

LAFORGE Optical's website is a place where users can find exhaustive information about smart glasses and pre-order a customized pair. It also serves as a platform for building the community around the product, releasing company updates, and educating visitors on augmented reality possibilities.

The services offered on the website meet the requirements of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).


Main Functionality

Measuring parameters for eyeglass prescription

When filling in a pre-order form, visitors are required to inform the company about their visual acuity and pupillary distance (distance between the centers of the pupils). Those who don't know these major parameters can pass third-party eye tests embedded into the website.

Payment gateway

Integration with Authorize.Net allows customers to safely pay for pre-ordered eyewear in the most convenient way. The system supports all major credit cards and digital solutions, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, and E-check.

Back office

Featuring an easy-to-use interface,  the back office offers a convenient environment for the management of daily administrative tasks like orders execution and statistics analysis.


Duration: August 2015 - June 2016


  • Project manager
  • 2 front-end developers
  • 2 back-end developers
  • QA engineer

Contract type: Dedicated development team

Project investment: N/A

Technologies & Integrations:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • HTML 5
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • RequireJS
  • Canvas
  • SVG
  • JavaScript Media API
  • Flash
  • PDF.js
  • Authorize,Net
  • TrueVault

Country: USA

Industry: Eyewear / Internet of Things (IoT)

Project type: E-commerce platform

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