The CEO of Belgium startup CheckHub, Edouard d'Ursel, has approached us about developing the back-end part for their document management tool. For now, the project is focused on scaling up, with our engineers involved in designing new features as full-stack developers.

Client's Background

The idea of was born in 2016 out of grim HR statistics showing that Belgium recruiters and human resources pros spend over half of their working time on administrative tasks. Shocked by this fact, entrepreneur and tech enthusiast Edouard d'Ursel did a rough calculation and found that with an average of ten documents per job candidate, large enterprises handled up to 5 million documents a year.

Our client aimed to reduce paperwork to let HRs focus on their core functions like recruiting, training and motivating employees. After ten months of market investigations and another two months spent on building an MVP, Edouard and his peers engaged three companies to test the product and achieve a perfect product-market fit.

In 2018, they switched to designing the second, more scalable, version of software enriched with customer-driven features. The CheckHub team also decided to expand beyond HR departments and reach new target markets in education, healthcare, leisure, and other industries.


The challenge

The CheckHub team had selected a tech stack given the need for short time-to-market. When our developers joined the project, it was actively growing and generating new tasks. Some technologies that proved to be a good choice for a quick start posed issues and slowed down the development process at later stages. Being on a tight deadline, CheckHub couldn't afford software migration. Thus, we faced the challenge of scaling up with the following:

LoopBack. Perfect for quick RESTful API development, but too rigid for designing custom solutions.

MongoDB. Not the best option for large volumes of data and complex transactions. It requires a lot of manual work and intricate logic to overcome the limitations of non-relational databases.


In spite of digital era opportunities, many modern businesses still spend considerable time on routine tasks associated with electronic and paper documents. 96% of employees report trouble finding the latest version of a record or file. 26% of professionals acknowledge that record management within their organizations is somewhat chaotic. On the whole, document issues are responsible for over 20% of productivity loss.

Automation of document handling is crucial for business success. Increasing the need to streamline administrative tasks entails growth of the global document management market which is expected to hit $6.78 billion by 2023.

Our Approach

Focus on productive communication

From the beginning of our collaboration, we were aimed  for convenient and efficient communication. Together with CheckHub, we settled on holding weekly calls to discuss updates and plan our next steps. Also, our engineers use Slack to stay in touch with the client and keep them in the loop.

Being a tech-savvy expert, Edouard d'Ursel is managing the project and tracking tasks by himself, using the work management platform Asana. He also takes part in the development process.

Responsiveness to project's needs

To meet our client's requirements, we have deepened our knowledge of Vue.js and started working on the frontend part of the project as well. Among other tasks, our developers made CheckHub compatible with old versions of Internet Explorer (IE8, IE9, IE10) and configured NGINX in the Amazon cloud, which resulted in better app performance and scalability.

Adding user-driven features

We add new features to the project every two weeks on average. The ideas for useful improvements are generated by the CheckHub team in collaboration with current users.  

The project

CheckHub is a multi-tenant document management tool that automates the collecting, verifying, storing and processing of documents needed for employment, university application, patient registration, and so on. The system sends reminder emails and SMS messages to applicants who still haven't uploaded all the documents required. The software can decrease paperwork in:

  • HR departments
  • hospitals
  • universities
  • sports and leisure centers
  • administrations
  • insurance offices
  • on-demand economy

The app consists of a convenient administrative panel for organizations and a personal candidate's page optimized for smartphones and tablets. CheckHub is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and uses strong data encryption to secure personal information.

In the long run, CheckHub plans to evolve into a large secured database for storing legal documents, with a microservice architecture.

Main Functionality

List of actual candidates

An administrator can view the list of candidates (students, patients, clients) and manage their profiles from the admin panel. It shows the total number of candidates, their email addresses, last activity time and submission status along with the percentage of submitted documents out of all the required ones.


Importing Excel files

Those who feel more comfortable working with spreadsheets can create candidate lists with Excel and upload them to CheckHub for further filling out of profiles. If unsure of how to make the Excel list properly, the administrator is able to download a template and follow the example.


Candidate details in the admin panel

The candidate details page contains applicants' personal data along with submission status and images of uploaded documents. Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and document layout analysis, the system automatically validates submitted files. Once a candidate's profile is created, CheckHub generates an access link for the candidate.


Candidate's page

The generated link leads the candidate to their personal page. It duplicates information from the admin panel and reminds them which mandatory documents have not been submitted yet.  



Duration: April 2018 - ongoing

Team: 2 full-stack developers

Contract type: Dedicated development team

Project investment: Between $10,000 and $49,999

Technologies & Integrations:

  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • LoopBack
  • SQS
  • Mailgun
  • Mocha
  • Bootstrap
  • SCSS
  • Google Cloud Vision API
  • Amazon AWS - S3

Project type: Document management system, SaaS

Industry: Administration Sector

Country: Belgium

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